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Ponderwell came together because its founders shared a vision: that people can and should be their own best source for news. We've spent years thinking about it, taking our own experiences in community reporting and examining what tools and systems would create the best possible outlet for everyone's voice to be heard, and for everyone to find the news they need to make more informed decisions.

And after years of refining our ideas, we're ready to build it. But we can't do this by ourselves. After all, a community journalism outlet is nothing without the community. So please take a few minutes and look through our ideas, read about where we've been and what we're working on right now. And if you're interested, sign up and let us know. If you have ideas we haven't thought of, send those on, too. We want everyone to feel they can be a part of this process, because in the end what we're building will really belong to all of you.

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